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Hiring an unlicensed agency is dangerous

With many businesses cutting costs, the assumption is that going “cheaper” is the answer. This assumption can be detrimental with regard to security. Although, most reputable firms will compete aggressively for business when bidding; the truth is that they will never be able to underbid an unlicensed company It seems as the organization has just done a great thing by cutting costs and seemingly the security company is responsible until something happens.

Is your security plan really effective?

Surprisingly, many companies have daily operations that do not include security and safety planning. Most companies that have a security and safety plan haven’t tested them in years. The plans are usually outdated and are not current with the shifting trends in criminal activity. Mistakenly, the notion is that because nothing usually happens, it probably won’t. This idea causes employees to be more concerned with the replacement of the water cooler than workplace violence, CPR, evacuation plans or fire extinguisher usage procedures. This misapplication of security and safety practices doesn’t elevate much concern until it costs millions of dollars in liability or even death.

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On average, over 11 million crimes occur each day in the US. Out of those, 9 million are property crimes involving the theft of valuables, assets, and vehicles. However, it only takes one lawsuit from a victim of these crimes to shut your business down.

Taurus Protection Agency provides security guard service to events of all sizes, including private events, corporate security, and contracted guard services. Our goal is to implement secure, effective, and safe strategies to guarantee the protection of your company and your customers. So you can easily navigate to the desired service you need, we have divided our security services into three major categories.

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