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Office Security
Corporate & Office Security
Taurus Protection Agency offers security for both Corporate clients and multi-agency office buildings. Our security officers will help prevent common office threats including: employee and customer theft, office violence, intrusion, and surveillance. Corporate security is available on a contract basis. Please call our offices for more information on contract services.
Government Security Agency
Government Contracts
Taurus Protection offers government contracts for officials in need of security services. We provide our services to city municipalities, government offices, elected officials, dignitaries and government events and meetings. We also provide patrol services for parks, public recreation properties, and school districts. Request a private consultation today, and begin to feel the safe presence of TPA.
Community Patrol & Security
Community Patrol & Security
Add value to your gated community or neighborhood by implementing TPA’s Community Security services. The residents in your community value their privacy, protection, and security. As a landlord, it’s your obligation to supply your homeowners superior security. We can provide your community with front gate service and neighborhood patrol in our recognizeable vehicles. Request a consultation today and experience the difference in your community.
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