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Corporate Security & Events
Retail & Commercial Security
Have you noticed inventory, money, or company products that turn up missing? Shoplifting is growing rapidly as our economy spirals downhill. Taurus Protection Agency employs qualified, undercover officers trained in the art of loss prevention. Implementing our retail security will stop shoplifting customers and employees in their tracks.
Black Tie & Red Carpet Events

Hosting a black-tie or formal affair? Does your guestlist includes high-profile professionals who regularly rely on security? Taurus Protection provides formal security services for groups hosting upscale private events. During the course of your event, our officers will be well dressed and trained in preventing loss or damage of personal and guest property. Events hosted with Taurus Protection security are more safe than those that are not. Book your upcoming event with TPA to guarantee your guests safety.

Security Consultation
Do you feel 100% confident that your establishments security procedures and sytems are up to date? Criminal behavior and methods are like technology: there always evolving. Allow our team of professionals to evaluate and assess your current security procedures. We’ll sit down one-on-one and identify problem areas that may pose a security threat to your place of business. Don’t wait until your business is a victim, call TPA to find out how security management services can help you.
Parking Lot Security
Did you know 80% of the criminal acts that occur at office buildings, retail stores, and malls take place in the parking lot? Lawyers that take on these victims cases often point blame at the business for “poor response time”. TPA Enforcement officers are trained in patroling and preventing criminal activity. It's important to note that where parking lot security has been implemented, customer use has actually increased because they feel safer.
Contract Security Services
Private Security Services
Corporate Security
“[We] found Taurus Protection to be far more polished, business focused and a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail and good customer skills is an asset to our hotel and I will continue to use them in the future."

-Donald Miller
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