The Dangers Of Hiring An Unlicensed Security company

With many businesses cutting costs, the assumption is that going “cheaper” is the answer.

This assumption can be detrimental with regard to security.

Although, most reputable firms will compete aggressively for business when bidding; the truth is that they will never be able to underbid an unlicensed company.

It seems as the organization has just done a great thing by cutting costs and seemingly the security company is responsible until something happens.

Now, what seemed to be a great financial decision has turned into a major liability.

Countless cease and desist orders have been issued by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies to these illegally operating companies.

When hiring an unlicensed security company, there is no way to recover from loss and damages.

Since they are not licensed by the state to perform professional services, insurance policies become void leaving the client to hold all the claims.

The end result is paying more in loss and damages than having hired a licensed firm for 5 years.

In addition, it has been proven that most clients are unaware of the state laws to obtain and maintain a professional security firm license.

This allows illegitimate security companies the opportunity to use deceiving tricks to gain business.

Illegally operated companies will have a license to do business (this is not a company license to perform any form of professional security services).

When asked if they are armed, they will show a concealed carry permit (this is a permit to carry a firearm but not to work in a professional security capacity and doesn’t require training to obtain).

Both documents are issued by the county clerk. The proper credentials must come from the licensing board at the Secretary of State’s office.

These crooks understand that most clients aren’t familiar with the required credentials. Therefore, their “armed security officer” may actually be a convicted felon and is not trained under the requirements of the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies.

All things considered, the next crucial concern is how much does an unlicensed corner cutting company pay their officers?

That’s right; they pay exactly what any untrained and unskilled worker makes (minimum wages).

How serious will they take their job? That’s right again! Not serious at all!

Above and beyond being unethical, this practice is also illegal and should be reported before it costs an enormous amount in legal liability.

If after investigating an existing security firm or company, it is found to be operating illegally; make a report to the Secretary of State’s office and termination should take place immediately.

So next time someone hands you a nice business card or tells you to visit their expensive looking website, you can know that it takes a lot more than presentation to be a professional.

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